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Site Services

Delivers service when and where you need it

Service response directly to your site(s), these services are controlled via our standard SLA offerings – or, via a customized flex plan tailored to meet your needs.

We have the infrastructure in place, the experience and commitment to deliver virtually any service you need.

Call and put us to work for you...


OnSite (OS): iTEK Service Representative responds directly to your site to deliver the defined service. Typically next business day response – all coverage elements may be customized to meet your specific needs.

CentralSite (CS): Response is to pre-designated equipment collection points.

SiteAssist (SA): Direct technical resources.

SiteTune (ST): A defined visit to site(s) to do such things as: test, adjust local WLAN networks, review server performance / loading, checking or reloading mobile terminals, etc.

Site Survey (SURV): Site visit to collect site condition / site readiness information. Typically in advance of in preparation for new implementations.

PCI Compliance (PCIC): Typically for retailers, an onsite visit to ensure compliance of equipment or wireless.

For more information about our services contact us at:

iTEK Services, Inc.
25501 Arctic Ocean
Lake Forest, CA 92630

Phone: 949-770-4835
Email: helpdesk@itekservice.com